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Does my business need a non-geographic number?

Many businesses and organisations remain in the dark about the benefits of using a non-geographic telephone number. These numbers can be great marketing tools for your company, and come loaded with features to boost functionality.

So what exactly are non-geographic numbers?

Non-geographic numbers are, as their name suggests, numbers that are not assigned to a particular geographical location. Instead they can be pointed towards any existing landline or mobile number, allowing for ultimate flexibility within your business. When a customer calls your non-geographic number, their call gets automatically redirected to your chosen phone, for example your Vodafone business mobile, wherever in the world it may be located.

Non-geographics have become highly popular with businesses thanks to the list of features they offer. These numbers, which begin in 08 and 03, offer a great way to promote your brand, and some can even help to generate an additional income for your business.

So what are the benefits?

  • Increased customer reach – Opting for a non-geo can help you reach a wider customer base. If you only use a local number, you are limiting yourself to a narrow audience. Using a non-geographic number promotes the fact that you are offering a national service, whilst inviting customers from across the nation to contact you.
  • Flexibility – Having the ability to direct all calls to a separate number, rather than just to one fixed location, enables you to be able to speak to your customers on the go. What’s more, you can choose to point the calls to as many numbers as you like, giving your customers the best chance to get hold of you.
  • Generate an additional revenue – Some non-geographics allow the number owner to receive a share of the revenue from all calls received. This is a great way to generate a residual income, useful for smaller businesses who may need that additional cash boost.
  • Inspire trust – Using a non-geographical number gives your business an established, professional appearance, no matter how small your company may be in reality. Using a free to call 0800 or 0808 can especially encourage your customers to trust you, and is a great option for a customer service or support line.
  • Memorability – Non-geographic numbers can be easier to memorise than standard local or mobile numbers, especially true if you make use of the alphanumeric keys. eg. 0800 440 CATS = 0800 440 2287.

There are plenty of number options for your business. Whether you opt for a Freephone 0800 or 0808, an 03 number (0300 numbers are reserved for charities, non-profits and the public sector exclusively, whereas 0330,0333,0345 and 0370 numbers can be used by anyone as a standard rate phonecall), and 084 or an 087 nunber can be used as a low cost option, there’s a non-geo out there that’s the right fit for you.

If you’d like to find out more information about taking on a non-geographic number for your business, head over to the 03 Number Store.